Sep 24, 2014

My top tips for decorating your family room

Family rooms are most often the centre of the house wherein it becomes a diverse area. I always consider family rooms an important part of the house because this is where the whole family members and friends bond. We do so many things while in the family room. We can relax, play games, eat, entertain guests and watch television here. Here are some ideas I gathered on how we can make our family room fashionable and trendy:

Can be a Small Library… well, almost!

I do not have an extra room for a library; however, I can use a small space from my family room as my reading area, which must be an excellent spot to just sit down and read my favourite books with the kids or just be with myself. I only have a small amount of books so what I did is put a reading nook attached to a wall with ready made curtains, shelves and cushions, providing me with a more solitary and quieter reading space.

Down Low and Up High

I make sure to use every part of the family room for my family’s advantage like having a high ceiling can be utilized by putting chandelier, ceiling fan or any light fixture. Customize and update your ceiling and rafter beams to boost the appearance of your ceiling centrepiece. I made sure that I did not clutter the height of my ceiling. One thing to put in mind is that if you do not have the space to do it, then do not do it. If you have low ceilings, never put up chandelier; instead use recessed lights.

Too Many Blankets to Handle?

We all love to be warm and cosy; however, there is a price that we have to pay to achieve it. Blankets tend to be very big and may eat up a huge space in the family room. My couch is sometimes half filled with just blankets, quilts and throw pillows. There are ways to solve this problem. I decided to transform my old travelling trunk into a blanket chest, wherein I kept all extra blankets. Now they are off my couch, my blankets will now stay clean since they are not lying on the floor anymore; in addition, it is conveniently just a couple of arms-length away.

The: 3 L’s Lines, Lamps and Layers

These 3 L’s are very useful when I did my redecorating. I created layers with the use of shelves, rugs and steps. Creating lines means visually separating the space with the use of the corners of a wall or beams to divide each family activity in one room. Lamps do not only give light to the room, but it also can be my decorative shades to boost the small space with proper lighting.

Now that I am done redecorating my family room, I am ready to invite friends and family over and spend our bonding time in our family room.